FB-50N Mechanical Force Gauge
  • FB-50N Mechanical Force Gauge

FB-50N Mechanical Force Gauge

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IMADA mechanical force gauge 50 Newton capacity, model FB-50N, FB Series.

IMADA mechanical force gauge FB-50N is excellent cost-performance model. It is equipped with peak hold function which captures peak force

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- Peak hold function
- Zero adjustment for tare weight

Mechanical force gauges are known as “push pull gauges”. The advantages of mechanical force gauge are unnecessary electricity, the robust body and the easy-to-read of force transition. The gauge enables to be used as a simple handheld type measuring instrument or a force tester by combining a force test stand. It provides simple and accurate measurements according to your needs.

IMADA mechanical force gauges measure both compression/tension force. There are various line-up of mechanical force gauges for your needs such as the accuracy, the scale division, the range etc. They have high accuracy +/-0.3% or less (It depends on the model).

A Force Gauge is a measuring instrument of force. It measures force by loading tension or compression force on the tip of the gauge. It is used in QC and R&D fields of a lot of industries such as electric/mechanical component, car, medical, food, packaging and more.

See the applications on each industry:

Technical data:

Accuracy +/-0.3% F.S.
Stroke 10mm
Unit N
Capacity 50N
Reading method Real-time track or Peak-hold
Divisions 100lines ( 1 division: 0.5N)
Operating temperature 0 to +40 degree Celsius
Weight Approx. 630g
Manual´ English / Japanese
Code EAN13 4589662620116
Customs Tarif 9031.80.190
Country of Origin Japan

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