ZTS-50N Digital force gauge
  • ZTS-50N Digital force gauge

ZTS-50N Digital force gauge

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IMADA ZTS-50N Digital power meter 50 Newton The ZTS-50N digital power meter is a functional but user-friendly model with a capacity of 50N. It offers a wide range of testing solutions from simple peak measurement to highly reproducible measurement. It comes with data collection software that makes data management easy. Delivery time approx. 2 weeks



- You can connect maximum 4 pcs of DST to a PC at the same time, for easier management. (You need a dedicated optional software.)
- Using a supplied software (Force Logger) and USB cable, you can easily transfer data from DST to PC.
-DST-2N/5N/20N/50N has a mechanical stopper for preventing overload.
- You can charge DST from a PC or a mobile battery.
- Battery life lasts 30 hours at maximum when its backlight is off.

Digital force gauges feature easiness for data managements and analyses, preventing from reading errors etc. The advantages of IMADA digital force gauges are the high accuracy and the high operability. The many equipped functions (Peak hold, Data memory, etc.) offer high operability for your force measurements. When using with an optional software, graph drawing is possible. You can analyze the force measurement results in detail.

A Force Gauge is a measuring instrument of force. It measures force by loading tension or compression force on the tip of the gauge. It is used in QC and R&D fields of a lot of industries such as electric/mechanical component, car, medical, food, packaging and more.

Technical data:

Function Peak hold(Tensile or compression)/Comparator(OK Judgement)/Sensitivity(3 steps)/Reversible display / -Overload alarm
Accuracy ±0.2% F.S 1digit
Unit N(mN,kN) , kg(g), lbf
Capacity 50N
Sampling rate Max. 1000 data / sec (1000Hz)
Battery Approx.30 hours (when back light is off)/ Approx. 14 hours (when back light is on)
Power Nickel-Metal Hydride battery (NiMH battery), USB charge (PC, mobile battery, AC adapter)
Operating environment Temperature: 0 – 40C, Humidity: 20 – 80%RH
Output USB/RS232C
Weight Approx.460g
Manual English / Japanese
Code EAN13 4589662622288
Customs Tarif 9031.80.190
Country of Origin Japan

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