Terms and conditions of use

OnLine Ordering

Ordering from the online store requires registration. The customer must notify the information requested in trade in order, to delivery can be sent to the customer.E-mail and telephone orders without registration.

Order Confirmation

The order confirmation is automatically leaves, the online shop to provide to buyers email address. If you have not received an order confirmation, please check your e-mail trash. If the case is unclear, please contact our customer service: +358 40 730 2436.

Delivery time

Ordered via Klarna payment service products will be delivered, as soon as the execution are received at the companys account, about three working days after the order. Account  Nooa Säästöpankki Fi27440 500105 488546 (BIC ITELFIHH).pre-paid products will be delivered, as soon as the payment is received. 

Cash on delivery orders and phone orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

If the product delivery is delayed, we will try to notify immediately after receiving the information. All the products on sale are in stock, with the exception of the products with delivery time, which is indicated in the product information.

Prices and VAT

Prices are notify in euros and include 24% VAT..
Seller reserves the right to refrain, from transmitting product pricing error case
The seller reserves the right to change the e-commerce price changes.


All products are property of the seller, until the goods are full paid.


Scales, lamps, and other electronic devices have a 1 year warranty, unless otherwise stated. The warranty does not apply to the batteries.
The warranty is only valid with the dated warranty card and applies to manufacturing and material defects. The warranty begins on the sales date.
The warranty does not apply to products which are used against of the manual, dropped, nicked, scratched or scales which are overload by the total capacity of weighty objects.
Warranty repair costs of products, financed by the seller, since the circulation of arrival.
Products which are not covered by the warranty; repair and delivery costs will be charged from the customer, prior to product delivery / release.
We do not redeem cash on delivery shipments.

Consumer protection

For trading compliance with trading the instructions given by the Consumer Agency online merchants.
Disputes and disagreements between the parties, the existing Finnish laws and regulations.

Damaged product

If the shipment is damaged, or packaging damaged, it must be made immediately writing a damage report with the freight supplier (eg. Post).We are not responsible for any damage incurred during transport..

Force majeure

Eurowide.fi not responsible if the delivery has prevented or delayed. Eurowide.fi has no influence as far as possible circumstance, such as war, natural disasters, export or import bans, decisions of authorities, public transport, disturbance, or other similar Eurowide.fi operations hinders or prevents action.