GC-1100 Litteä istukka
  • GC-1100 Litteä istukka

GC-1100 Litteä istukka

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IMADA accessory for tensile test / tension test equipment to perform various types of tension (tensile) force testing applications, model GC-1100.

GC-1100 is flat chuck with 1000N capacity. It is ideal for a variety of tension testings of thin to thick samples due to its wide opening.

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks



– Ideal for wide variety of tension test since it can grips various thickness of samples.

Testing Applications:

- Syringe punger compression resistiance test
- Outfit trimmings/decoration tensile strength test
- Bag handles tension strength test
- Spot welding bond strength test
- Hook and look fastener peel (adhesion) test
- Book binding adhesion (bond) test
- Drip infusion connector extraction test
- USB connector insertion/extraction (repetition) test
- Inlet plug insertion/extraction (repetition) test

Technical data:

Capacity 1000 N
Weight: Approx.160 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 56x51x20mm
Internal dimensions 20 mm
Opening width Max. 10 mm
Chuck width 20 mm
Chuck height.20 mm
Body width 56 mm
Mounting screws M6
Code EAN13 4589662622400
Customs Tarif 9031.90
Country of Origin Japan

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