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4 x REED R2002 Compact Infrared Thermometer
1 x 555 - 555g/0,1g
1 x Weight 50g
1 x Weight 20g
1 x Weight 100g
1 x Weight 500g
1 x Weight 300g
1 x Weight 200g
2 x REED ST-118 Multimeter
1 x REED R5007 TRMS Digital Multimeter
1 x ZTS-1000N Digital force gauge
1 x ZTS-200N Digital force gauge
1 x ZTS-500N Digital force gauge
1 x ZTS-50N Digital force gauge
1 x ZTS-5N Digital force gauge
1 x FB-20 Film grip
1 x Force recorder standard
1 x GC-1100 Flat Chuck
1 x KC-100 Wedge grip
1 x PGC-0510 Pantograph grip
1 x REED R5300 Continuity Tester
1 x REED R5100 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector with Flashlight
1 x REED R5020 400A AC /DC Clamp Meter with Temperature
2 x R5406 Capacitance Decade Box
2 x R2400 Type K Thermocouple Thermometer
1 x R6001 Thermo-Hygrometer
1 x CM-8822 Coating Thickness Gauge
1 x R7900 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
1 x LM-81AM Compact Vane Anemometer
1 x R1900 Air Velocity Meter
1 x R7050 Compact Photo Tachometer
1 x R7140 Combination Contact / Photo Tachometer
1 x R9450 Monoxide Monitor
1 x R1920 Sound Level Meter
1 x R8050 Sound Level Meter, Type 2
1 x R8050-KIT
1 x R8080 Sound Level Meter
1 x R8090 Sound Level Calibrator
1 x R1930 Light Meter
1 x LM-8000 Multifunction Wind Meter
1 x R8008 Portable Radiation Meter
2 x 8689 Digital pH Meter
1 x R1500 Tripod
1 x SD-4307 Conductivity Meter
1 x REED R2001 Infrared Thermometer
1 x REED TP-01 Beaded Thermocouple Wire Probe
1 x REED R2960 Needle Tip Thermocouple Probe
1 x REED R2950 Immersion Thermocouple Probe
1 x REED R2940 Air/Gas Thermocouple Probe, Type K
1 x REED R2930 Right Angle Thermocouple Surface Probe
1 x REED R2920 Surface Thermocouple Probe
1 x REED R2000 Stainless Steel Digital Stem Thermometer
1 x REED C-370 RTD Thermometer
1 x REED SD-947 SD Series Thermocouple Thermometer
1 x REED R2007 Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer
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555 - 555g/0,1g
555 - 555g/0,1g